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Looking back at the year of 2011


The year of 2011 was an important year in the history of our home country - the Republic of China just turned 100 years old.  CTCA (Calgary Taiwanese Canadian Association) has also reached a milestone : the purchase of a lovely new home and moved in. The year of 2011 is the year to be celebrated and to be proud of for all of us.


I’m so grateful for the opportunity to serve our own people and return favor to our community. I’m so pleased that now our members have a  spacious and comfortable place to hold many activities/classes to gain knowledge and learn skills. We don’t have to move again. We’re settled now and can look into the future with determination and confidence.


However, the whole process was not an easy job, nor without challenges. Many times, I was discouraged and disappointed by the difficulties/challenges. I almost quit but I persevered. It was a real learning experience for me and I grow stronger with it. Without many senior members’ encouragement, guidance and support, I know I could not have achieved the results. Thank God, my job is done. Whatever the score you give me, I have no complaint.


Our Association was created in 1967 by just under ten families。Three of the founding families are still with us today. Their loyalty and contributions has constituted the core of our Association. Let’s salute to the families of Vincent and Suyun Tsai,  Michael, Karin Chen, and Beryl and Wen-shu Lin. We thank them and thank all the members who have donated large or small sums of money toward the purchase of our facility. Whoever donated $1,000 and more are on the list of Life Members.  The new home belongs to each and everyone of us and  need all of you to care and enjoy it.


Fortunately, we have some very intelligent and visionary senior members who have strived to get us the opportunity to volunteer for running AGLC(Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission) for two days every 18 months. These members also have retained portion of the casino funds over the years that was eventually used toward the purchase of the facility. While I was preparing the Business Plan for the approval from AGLC and to the banks for mortgage, the key question/comment came up frequently was the lack of  stability and continuity of our Association. The turnover rate of the Board Executives is too high due to the restriction of the existing bylaws.


In order to ensure the survival and prosperity of our Association, we embarked on the revision of  the pre-existing bylaws centred on the eligibility of the Board Members and ways to retain experience and wisdom of the executive pool. We called a Special General Meeting and passed the amendments of the bylaws.  The key change is that the limit of two consecutive terms for board directors has been removed.  Now, any board directors (except the President) can serve unlimited consecutive terms. We’ll need to elect only the wise, able and willing for the common good。


I encourage you to get  involved in the governance of our own Association and share the workload of the management. Our Association will grow stronger and better if everyone contributes even a small amount of time and energy. Hopefully, we can reach out to more people and excel in the society at large for our services. This is the time to show your superior talents and pay back to the Canadian society where we and our children thrive in.