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同鄉會宗旨 Our Objectives 

加拿大 卡加利台灣同鄉會是一個 非營利性之族裔文化性質的社團

同鄉會創立的主要目的是爲了增進居住卡加利地區臺灣人社交 文化 及知性活動之交流與往來, 詳細内容包含:

The Calgary Taiwanese Canadian Association is a non-profit ethnic and cultural association. Our main objectives are to promote the common interests and welfare of the members, to provide cultural and recreational activities for the Taiwanese community, and to better the inter-group relations within the context of Canadian multiculturalism. In depth, our goal includes:

  • 保存臺灣文化傳承 

  • 協助會員融入本地社會並鼓勵相互間之友誼及瞭解 

  • 協助來自台灣及世界各地之新移民落戶安居 

  • 支持臺加兩地慈善性質活動 

  • 與其他社團建立友好互動關係 交換經驗訊息 提升共同利益 

  • 設置運作一開放一般大眾使用之資源及活動中心以服務社區 

  • 鼓勵提倡業餘体育及休閒活動 

  • 舉辦各種演講會,音樂會及其它文藝表演 

  • Preserving Taiwanese Cultural Heritage 

  • Assist members to integrate into the local society and encourage mutual friendship and understanding 

  • Assist new Taiwanese immigrants from Taiwan and/or around the world to settle down in Calgary

  • Support charitable activities in both Taiwan and Canada 

  • Establish friendly and interactive relationships with other community societies,

       Exchange experiences and information to promote common interests

  • Establish and operate a resource and activity center for the general public to serve the community 

  • Encourage and promote amateur sports and leisure activities 

  • Hold various lectures, concerts and other cultural performances

The activities and services offered by CTCA include community educational workshops, summer hiking , picnics,  parties on special occasions such as Lunar New year, Mid-Autumn Festival, Double-Ten Festival etc.

The Calgary Taiwanese Canadian Association and its leaderships has been working hard and stepping in to key position as community stakeholders that bridge the communities together. Other Canadian ethnic cultural members can relied on the contribution of what Taiwanese Canadian is able to bring to the table and better the land now we call our home.

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