Calgary Taiwanese Canadian Association permanent location at 406 13 Ave NE, Calgary, Alberta



The Calgary Taiwanese Canadian Association is a non-profit ethno-cultural group established in 1967 and registered in Alberta in 1998.


Our missions


  • to promote social, cultural and intellectual exchange and contacts  among Taiwanese residing in the Calgary vicinity and the province of Alberta

  • To preserve and maintain the cultural heritage of Taiwan

  • To assist members of the Association to integrate into Canada society; and to foster the spirit of friendship and understanding between people of Taiwan and Canada

  • To assist the settlement of new immigrants from either Taiwan or the rest of the world

  • To support worthwhile charitable projects in Canada and Taiwan

  • To establish friendly relations with other community groups for exchange of ideas, information, and to promote common interests

  • To provide community benefit by operating a suitable facility as informal resource centre, available to general public, for various activities of the Association by rent or purchase or otherwise

  • To encourage and promote amateur games and exercises

  • To procure the delivery of lectures on culture, environment, law, life, well-being, social, education, political, economic and other subjects, and to give and arrange musical and dramatic entertainments